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Transformer busbar

Author:Frank Time:2023-05-05

Transformer busbars

  Unit Substations may be indoor or outdoor, with a selection of high-voltage incoming sections, a choice of transformer types, and an arrangement of Switchgear to suit the application. Most switchgear assemblies are configured as unit substations. Unit substations follow the system concept of locating transformers as close as practicable to areas of load concentration at utilization voltages, thus minimizing the lengths of secondary distribution cables and buses.

Common transformer busbars include transformer copper busbars and aluminum busbars, which are larger than transformers with copper busbar. But you must know that "aluminum" is much cheaper than "copper", so for ordinary transformers, such as residential lighting transformers, many aluminum transformer busbars are increasingly used in transformers


* Lengths of cables and buses are minimized, reducing the likelihood of faults and improving voltage regulation.
* Specific arrangements of switchgear minimizes installation expenses.
* Availability of non-flammable types of transformers eliminates necessity of vaults.
* Complete coordination, both mechanical and electrical, provides for improved service continuity.
* Wide choice of components and ratings to meet exact application requirements allows for extreme flexibility.

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