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Production Process

Author:Frank Time:2023-05-05

Production process :

1. Using the die steel, designing and manufacture of the Moulding instrument;

2. Put the Aluminium ingots and Supplementary materials into furnace, melting and casting,to produce aluminium billet rods;

3. Testing the aluminium billet rods, keep clean and tidy;

4. Take the aluminium billet rods into heating、extruding and stretch straightening process, to produce the aluminium flat bar products;

5. Take the aluminium flat bar into Aging treatment, make the performance stable, then for the surface treatment;

6. The finished product: aluminium flat bar;

7. Take the finished products into Quality Inspection;

8. Packing aluminium flat bar products, and keep clean and tidy;

9. Take our products into warehouse , and delivery;

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