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Author:Frank Time:2023-05-05

Aluminum busbar has good thermal conductivity and electrical conductivity, and is often used in the electrical industry. Typical applications include transformer stations(Typical product:transformer busbar), lithium batteries and other industries. In addition,  aluminum busbar also has the following characteristics:

1. Good thermal conductivity: Aluminum alloy has excellent thermal conductivity, the evaporation temperature of the refrigerant and the temperature difference between the aluminum special surface will be reduced, the evaporation temperature will increase, the energy efficiency ratio of the compressor will be improved, and the energy consumption will be reduced;
2. Special structure: the fins of the aluminum alloy finned tube are parallel to the aluminum busbar to form a sheet shape, the molded aluminum busbar is to fix the sheet-shaped finned tube in parallel, and the pure aluminum busbar forms multiple parallel channels. When the refrigeration system is working, what should be paid attention to after the industrial conductive aluminum busbar is oxidized? When the set temperature is reached, the compressor stops running, saving a lot of power.
3. Electric heating defrosting function: choose electric heating wire with long life, high temperature resistance, high insulation level of pure aluminum busbar(such as 1050 1060 1070 1100 1350 aluminum bus bar), and equipped with water tank, which eliminates the problem of difficult defrosting of cold pipes.
4. High pressure resistance of the busbar: the aluminum fin and the busbar are formed by one-time die casting, the strength of the fin and the aluminum busbar are mutually improved, and the pressure resistance of the aluminum busbar is also greatly improved. All have passed the 2.5MP air tightness test when leaving the factory, and the aluminum busbar is safe and intact when doing the 4.5MP pressure life test.

In addition to being applied to transformer stations and lithium batteries, the characteristics of aluminum busbar determine that aluminum busbar can also be applied to high and low voltage electrical appliances, switch contacts, power distribution equipment and other aspects.
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