6013 T4/T6 aluminum flat coil wire

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6013 T4/T6 aluminum flat coil wire

Author:Frank  Time:2023-05-06
6013 T4/T6 aluminum flat coil wire





6013 T4/T6 aluminum flat coil wire is a 3C intelligent assembly material. The Henan Chalco company team independently developed a large coil (ultra-long scale) high-performance 6013 T4 /T6 aluminum flat coil wire material short-process preparation technology, which is different from traditional aluminum processing technology. Compared with aluminum alloy products, the weight of a single piece is large, and it can provide large-volume and heavy coil products without joints (ton-level non-joint coiled materials) and various straight products with multiple lengths. The head and tail structure and performance are uniform and consistent. , No extruded coarse grain ring, no central crack, unlimited batch size, rich product specifications and states and so on. 6013 T4 aluminum flat coil wire products are widely used in aviation, rail transit, automobile, 3C intelligence and other high-end equipment manufacturing fields Materials, connecting materials such as rivets, screws and welding wires for aerospace and transportation equipment manufacturing, and aluminum alloy materials for a new generation of 3 ℃ intelligent equipment.

6013 T4/T6 aluminum flat coil wire Specifications:
Alloy grade: 6013
Status: T4 /T6
Thickness: 2mm ~ 30mm
Width: 5mm ~ 300mm
Length: coil
6013-T4/T6 aluminum flat coil wire is a new type of aluminum alloy researched and developed by chalco aluminum company. Its original application target is the automobile industry, which can improve fuel efficiency by reducing the weight of parts. The corrosion resistance of this alloy is better than that of high-strength 7XXX series alloys, and its strength is higher than that of ordinary 6XXX series alloys and maintains excellent corrosion resistance and formability. Wide range of uses. Lockheed Aviation Equipment Company of the United States has selected 6013 plate as the main skin material and part of the structural material of aircraft aluminum alloy to replace the traditional 2024 alloy plate. Airbus is now using 6013 aluminum alloy as the lower wall of the A380 fuselage The material of the plate, the traditional welding method is prone to defects such as pores, and the 6013 aluminum alloy is currently welded by laser abroad, but the strength of the welded joint is not high (usually between 70% and 80% of the base metal), equipment and work. The high cost and the reflection of the material to the laser cause the low laser absorption rate, and defects such as pores, cracks and undercuts

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